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Alumni Testimonials

Here is what our alumni think of our program.

SunitchaSunitcha C. (class of 2011)

SunitchaBusiness Economics Program gave me an opportunity to understand the business world from an economic perspective and provided me knowledge and tools that are imperatively important for my career. I learned how an economy functions as a whole and how economic knowledge plays an important role in understanding business practices. Students of this program have a variety of career choice after graduation, including research analyst in both private and public sectors, specialist in marketing, management or even human resources. The program has a very supportive learning environment. All the faculty members are friendly and always ready to help. Being not only competent but also a good team player is what I also learnt from this program.

Sunitcha is a financial consultant at PWC and was an intern at HSBC Thailand in the commercial banking team. She graduated with a Bachelor of Economics in 2011, specializing in Business Economics, Finance and Banking.

KaroonKaroon J. (class of 2011)

KaroonThe program is beneficial. The program provides ample courses, which are related to the real business environment, and they help build a solid foundation, that allows students to further acquire and develop more advanced knowledge and skills. It’s really practical in working. Economics courses teach you to think everything reasonably and improve your critical thinking skill. I would say this program definitely builds you “Base of the Pyramid” in knowledge, skill, ability and attitude for your future life.

There are many career paths an economics student can take on, such as economist, business analyst, marketing executive, sales representative, stock marketing, etc. Remember! It’s based on you and how you want to further develop your career. The program will prepare you to be ready for the real business world. Asking yourself what you would like to be.

NuttavootNuttavoot S. (class of 2011)

NuttavootThis program provides in-depth knowledge of economics combining with business idea. The theories, methodology, and understandings learned from this program are practical in one’s career life. The program at AU also offers you wider opportunities after your graduation.

The Business Economics program offers me various career choices, e.g. consultant, business analyst, banker, and researcher. I graduated with a degree in business economics and a minor in finance. To pursue my personal interest, I choose consultant as my career to widen my knowledge and perspective. I have been working as a consultant (specifically in the field of risk and compliance, including forensic service) for 4 years (since my graduation from AU).